VP-2 ARV SWR Sierra Gold's Braveheart - "Bruno"

Sierra Gold's Braveheart - "Bruno"

Bru -Angel


Sierra Gold's Braveheart - 6weeks old - I'm so Cute!

6 weeks old!

Sierra Gold's Braveheart - Ummmm Good!

Ummm Good!

Bruno and his Ball

Bruno and his ball!

Bruno - Happy Dog!

Happy Dog!

Bruno - 9 weeks old

9 Weeks Old

Bruno - I Love You Dad!

Puppy Love!

Bruno and Tom - On the Farm!

Bruno and Tom!

 Sierra Gold's Braveheart - On the Farm!

On the Farm

 Sierra Gold's Braveheart - Guarding the Livestock!

Standing watch - over the livestock!

  "Bruno" - Lets Play Ball, OK?

Whata do you say - "Lets Play Ball" - OK?

 Favorite toy - "MY" - Tire!

Favorite toy - "MY" - Tire!

 Sierra Gold's Braveheart - DelValle 2003

I'm a Showman too - 1st Place, Open Class ARC Specialty, DelValle, CA!

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Bruno - Merry Christmas 2009
Bruno - Christmas 2009 - 7 Years young!
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