A few Comments about Sierra Gold's Benno .


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Benno - 11  Months Old

D.O.B. April 5, 2002

Benno is out of: Multi-V1/ Multi-BISS/ Am./Can. Ch. Von Boylan Antonio
Banderas B, BST, SchH III, AD, TT, CGC, OFA-G, CERF, Heart & Thyroid-Normal. Owned by Daviann and Maryann Mitchell

-and- Multi-V1 / '98 ARV Canadian National Youth Siegerin / UCI National
Youth Champion / Am Champion Sandov's Foxie Lady V Nitro, AD, CGC, RTD, OFA-F, CERF, Heart & Thyroid-Normal.
Owned by Janet & Michael Miller

Benno is well balanced and angulated, with excellent bone strength and substance and has free floating movement. He has a wonderful top line, and rich clear markings. He demonstrates high play and ball drive. Benno's preliminary hip and elbow x-rays both looked good at 9 months old. He is very attentive and willing to please. Benno is lives with his family in Northern California.


With all the misinformation flying around, and bad press our Rottweiler breed is getting these days, we wanted to share some positive comments with you about Benno. Hope it helps make your day a little bit brighter. Enjoy! :-)


January 6, 2004 -

"Hi Mike & Janet,

I thought I would send an email to update you and Michael on how Benno is doing. He is great. Courtney [6 years old] and him are doing well. When I introduced him to Courtney I was holding her. I think this helped him to know that she was close to me and it was ok. He is very interested in her. He always checks on her when she is playing. He is not used to the little girl giggles and screams she does. He just tilts his head and looks at her kind of funny. I think he is just making sure she is ok. He goes into her bedroom at night to check on her while she is sleeping. It is very cute. I have been taking him on walks and working with different commands such as sit and lay down. He has been doing well. He likes getting rewards. He is such a great dog.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with him. I thank you two for letting me bring him into my home. He is getting lots of love. I hope all is well with you two. I know it was hard to part with him. He is wonderful. I will talk to you soon. Take care. Deb"

January 13, 2004 -

"Benno is doing great. I took him and Courtney to the park this weekend. He loved it. He did great with all of the kids. They all wanted to pet him. He kept a good eye on Courtney also. I forgot to ask, how does he do with baths? I thought I should ask before I put him in the tub. I hope all is well. I will talk to you soon."

February 3, 2004 -

"Benno's kennel cough acted up again and he wasn't feeling very well. He has been on antibiotics now and is doing much better. There for awhile I was up with him at 2am everyday. He just was uncomfortable and didn't sleep real well. He is doing much better now. Courtney is sick now, and it is so cute. Benno stays right next to her to make sure she is ok. He usually sleeps next to me on the floor, but since she has been sick, he has slept with her. He is such a great dog. I have taken him on some short runs and he has done great. My friend has a rott too, so we get together for play dates and they have a great time. I will have to tune in to watch Bea [Westminster], that is great. I have noticed Benno likes to watch TV, so I will make sure he sees her. Hope all is well, talk to you soon."

March 29. 2004 -

"He is my big teddy bear. I gave him a bath after I talked to you. He did great. He has one toy that he has had since I got him and he loves it. He wants to play fetch with it and tug-a-war with it everyday. He is funny becuase when we play tug-a-war, he won't hold on too tight because he doesn't want it to tear. He usually wakes me up in the morning by putting it next to my head in bed and squeeking it, or he'll just lick my face. :-)"

August 15, 2004 -

"Sorry it took me so long to get back. I have been in training and vacation. Benno is doing great. A while back, Courtney had a slumber party, so I was very curious how he would do with all the girls running around. He loved every minute of it. He would roll over on his back and they would sit and pet him. I would say he is just a tad spoiled! Everyone who meets him just falls in love with him. I will talk to you soon."


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Benno - NV Day Parade 2003Benno - NV Day Parade 2003


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