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INTRODUCING - Our New * Star*

  Sierra Gold's Ona von Kelemen

Ivy - Flaming Text

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"Ivy" is our recent import and new Pack member. Special Thanks to breeder Oskar Kelemen of Kelemen Rottweilers , Republic of Serbia, Europe, and Krystal Ballard of Ballard Haus Rottweilers for placing such a lovely female with us.

Ona Von Kelemen - "Ivy"

Ona Von Kelemen - "Ivy" 8 weeks old stack

Ona Von Kelemen - Beautiful Girl

8 Weeks Old
Ona Von Kelemen - "Ivy" 8 weeks old face
Sire: CH Jero Vom Haus Nagy x Dam: Fiola Von Kelemen
Aren't I CUTE!
Jero Vom Haus Nagy - Ona's Father

Am CH JeroVom Haus Nagy

DOB: 04/05/2007.
eye color: 1B
Height: 67 cm
HD - -B
ED - free
Eyes: RO-6681/2008-20
Cardiac, DNA, Thyroid - Pending

Titles : Youth CH of Serbia & Adult CH of Montenegro ,
Multi V-1
UCI International Champion

Fiola Von Kelemen - Ona's Mother

JCHYU CH SCG Fiola Von Kelemen

DOB: 02/01/2002.
eye color: 1B
Height: 62 cm
HD - free
ED - free

Titles : 3 x youth winner, 5x R.CAC, 5 x CAC ,
IPO - 1,
Junior SCG Champion
Adult SCG Champion

Ona Von Kelemen - Ivy 14 weeks old

Ivy in front of Ellie - 14 weeks old

Ivy to Ellie - If "YOU" Say So!

Ivy to Ellie - If "YOU" say So!

Ona Von Kelemen - Ivy, Look at Me!

"Look at Me"

Ivy - Hot-N-Trot-N

Ivy - Hot - N - Trot - N

"Ivy" Vision Quest - I am the Eagle!

Vision Quest - I am the Eagle!

Ona Von Kelemen - "Ivy" Watch for me in the future!

Watch for me in the future!

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The "Wild - Wild - West" - a Stallion guarding his Mare's and Colts.
Wild Wild West - Stallion guarding mare's
It is a common site here in western Nevada to see multiple herds of wild horses; occasionally even within city limits. There can be only "one" Stud stallion per herd. When a young stud colt matures and becomes bold enough to challenge THE Stud he either defeats the Stud driving him off, and takes over the herd, or he is driven off. The young stud must then find and win his own mares to start a new herd of his own.


Ivy - 16 Weeks Old

Ona Von Kelemen - Ivy curzin the sage - 16 weeks old

Ivy Cruzin the sage - 16 weeks old

Ivy - YEAH this is FUN!

YEAH - this is FUN!

Ivy - Enjoying the sights and smells - 16 weeks old

Enjoying the sights and smells

Ivy - Ouch, sand just blew in my eye!

Ouch - sand just blew in my eye!

Ona Von Kelemen - Ivy 16 weeks old

I love to retreive!

Ona Von Kelemen - "Ivy" Superb Movement - 16 weeks old

Superb movement - 16 weeks old

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Ivy - Herding Instinct Test - 6 mos. old

Ivy - Herding Instinct Test

"Ivy"  - VP1 - USRC Sieger Show

USRC Sieger Show 4-6 Mos. / VP-1

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Ivy - A very versatile athlete!

Ivy - Playing with her ball.

USRC Sieger Show - Ivy and Susan moving

USRC Sieger Show 12-18 Mos. / SG-3

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