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"Another breeding of excellence combining exceptional breed type, temperament, topline, movement, substance and working ability."

Here is Information about our two Demmi/Tony Breedings:

"B" Bunch - April 20, 2002 - The "Crew" - June 28, 2003

Multi V-1, UCI National Youth CH, 1998 ARV Canadian National Youth Siegerin, Am CH Sandov's Foxie Lady V Nitro, AD, CGC, RTD, OFA RO-58914F29F-T, CERF # RO-3852/2000-34, Heart & Thyroid "Normal" DOB - 04/14/97


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1998 USRC National Sieger Show VP-1 & Best Puppy over 26 entries; Critique by FCI Judge Harry Meister:

"Ten months old bitch; very nice and harmonious build; medium size with proportioned bone strength; good substance; dry and strong; very nice, strong head -- the stop could be more pronounced; medium size, correctly set ears; dark eyes; strong, full muzzle; scissors bite; harmonious overall appearance; strong neck; very good chest proportions; straight, correct forequarters; short, strong feet, short strong back; correct croup; broad, strong thighs; very good angulation; harmonious in movement with good rear and front drive; nice coat, color and markings; lively and friendly."

1999 USRC Bay Area Rottweiler Klub (BARK) Sieger Show V-2, 18 entries; Critique by FCI Judge Gabrielle Wodak:

"28 months old, middle sized, medium strong bones, very nice head, dark eyes, complete scissors bite, dark mouth pigmentation, good markings, good coat, well proportioned short body, correct angulation, free movement, friendly temperament."

"Demmi" has excellent work and play drives; and has proven herself in the conformation ring under "Judges from around the World." She has successfully competed under judges from the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and more. In shows by; the American Kennel Club "AKC", the International All Breed Canine Association "IABCA" (Union Cynologie International "UCI"); and in Sieger shows by; the United States Rottweiler Club "USRC", and the American Rottweiler Verein "ARV."

Many of Demmi's conformation wins can be seen in the Rottweiler Quarterly 1998 3rd Quarter issue on pages 144-145. Specific show results can also be seen in various issues of TRQ, the USRC Magazine, ARV Magazine and Performance Rottweiler.

Here are some of her accomplishments:

  • 2 x "Best of Breed Puppy" and UCI National Youth Champion
  • VP-1 and "Best Puppy Bitch" in Show, 1998 USRC National Sieger Show, Phoenix, AZ
  • VVN-1 and "Best Female Puppy in Show", 1998 ARV SW Regional Sieger Show, Las Vegas, NV
  • SG-1 12-18 month class, 1998 ARV National Sieger Show, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • SG-1 12-18 month class, and Youth Siegerin, 1998 ARV Canadian National Sieger Show, Mapleridge, B.C.
  • SG-1 12-18 class, 1998 USRC NW Regional B.A.R.K. Sieger Show, Hayward, CA
  • SG-3 18-24 month class, 1999 USRC SW Regional Sieger Show, Phoenix, AZ
  • V-2 in Open Class, fall 1999 USRC B.A.R.K. Sieger Show, Hayward, CA
  • Winners Bitch (4 Point Major) 129 entries - 2001 ARF Rottweiler Specialty
  • V-3 Open Class - 2001 USRC NW Regionals, Pinole, CA
  • AKC Champion - July 7, 2001 in the tough California (District 9) circuit; with 3 Majors. 15 points earned (17 total) in just over four months since March 2001 after a 1-1/2 year break from AKC shows for her litter, etc. Multi - "Best of Breed", Multi - "Best Opposite Sex to Breed" and Multi - "Best of Winners"
  • USRC - AD (12 mile endurance run title) November 2001
  • Multi - "BOB" & "BOS" - in limited showing since earning AKC Championship
  • V-1 Champion Class, 2002 USRC NW Regional Sieger Show, Reno, NV
  • V-1 Brood Bitch and Kennel Class, 2002 ARV SW Regionals, Rancho Cordova, CA

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To: Multi V-1/ Multi-BISS/Am./Can. Ch. Von Boylan Antonio Banderas B, BST, SchH III, AD, TT, CGC, OFA-G, CERF, Heart - Thyroid - "Normal" DOB - 03/09/96

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Tony's BST Critique, by FCI Judge Jean Vandereyken:

"Tall, very good build with strong bones, strong male head, ears medium sized, high set, well carried, eyes dark 1B, very good stop, broad short muzzle, mouth pigment, inner lips dark, very strong well muscled neck, somewhat throughty, very well developed fore chest, chest wide and deep, fore hand well positioned, feet could be more closed, straight well muscled back with short croup, very good bottom line, very good angulation in front, excellent angulation in rear, good coat, markings of good color, could be more defined on muzzle, scissor bite, fluent mover with very good drive from the rear."

Height: 65cm
Length: 72cm
Weight: 105lb
Chest Circum: 89cm
Chest Depth: 31cm
Muzzle length: 10cm
Skull length: 16cm
Eye Color: 1B

Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • Canadian Championship before returning to USA 1997
  • BISS (5 Point Major) over 140 entries - MHRC Rottweiler Specialty, February 14, 1999
  • WD & BOW (5 Point Major) - MHRC Rottweiler Specialty, February 15, 1999
  • 3rd Open Class - ARC Nationals 1999
  • Multi - BOB from the Classes June 1999
  • AKC Champion in 15 shows, Beverly Hills KC, June 27, 1999
  • V-3 from 35 entries, World Sieger Show, Mexico City, June 6, 1999
  • BH & BST, December 12, 1999
  • BISS over 125 entries - GSRC Rottweiler Specialty, April 2000
  • 2000 - #7 in Pedigree Breed System, #10 in Canine Cronicle All Breed System
  • V-1 - 2001 USRC SW Regional Sieger Show, Champion Class
  • SchH I, SchH II & AD - 2001
  • BOB & Group 1 - GGKC [Cow Palace] San Francisco, CA, February 2002
  • SchH III - March 2002

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